Team Aspen or Team Maxon?

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  1. tessasangeldies answered: maxon. apsen just freaking annoys me. ugh. idk why. and he had his chance, he freaking blew it.
  2. before-i-fell answered: Team Maxon ♥
  3. mockingjayinsignia answered: team maxon!!! >.<
  4. imagination-unknown answered: MAXON ALL THE WAY
  5. ohitsjlopez answered: team maxon! :D
  6. nina410 answered: Maxon of course(: hes so sweet dont get me wrong I love Aspen too, but Maxon is more to my liking(:
  7. kneelbe4thequeen answered: Team Maxon UHUL!!
  8. cantmakethemstays answered: Maxerica
  9. pandamito answered: I really don’t know! I think Maxon, but….
  10. gimmeagreenlight answered: I love them both. But Maxon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. fandomsclashing answered: team aspen
  12. roseoswiins answered: Maxon!!!
  13. yourdearsweet answered: Can’t choose…Never have been able to and probably never will be able to…
  14. leiandhan answered: MAXON
  15. writerjosi answered: Maxon
  16. it-all-begins answered: MAXON
  17. cloudsisland answered: team both?
  18. shakespeareshomie answered: OMG MAXON
  19. kanekikn answered: Maxon <3
  20. xxsilvertearsxx answered: Team Maxon
  21. am211 answered: Team Maxon :)
  22. pipaofdawrldzppl answered: TEAM MAXON!!! :D:D:D
  23. okdr answered: Maxon, I am sorry, I never liked Aspen, not even from the beginning when we’re all suposed to dislike the prince…
  24. percyalltheway answered: Team Maxon !!
  25. cantatis answered: Team Maxon, ofc!!
  26. yesterdaysunderwear answered: MAXON
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